How are we living out mission?

As faithful disciples of Christ, we try to live out what Jesus called the greatest commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.

Loving God requires loving our neighbors. Love is a verb that encompasses many actions, activities, and approaches to expressing compassion and care for one another.

Mission is just one of the many ways we express love for our neighbors and God—and it’s one of the most important expressions of love for us at Creekwood!

When it comes to loving our neighbors, we want to be more than kindhearted people, or Good Samaritans. We want to be committed partners, trustworthy advocates, and dear friends.

Mission is about compassionately caring for people who are hurting, struggling, or in need. Living a mission-focused life where we are loving our neighbors and God, requires more from us than simply providing temporary assistance or help in times of crisis. Mission also means tirelessly working for justice and change, so that our world reflects God’s kingdom vision more fully.

At Creekwood, we are committed to serving, learning, and partnering with organizations and individuals who respect the inherent dignity of every human being because they are valued and loved by God. We work with a variety of mission partners, locally and globally, to meet the needs of God's beloved. Check out some of our mission partners below.