What We Believe

As Disciples of Christ, we are a church grounded in the practices and teachings of an ancient faith.  We are a church growing into the diversity and beauty of our modern world.  We believe that being a biblical church means being open, inclusive, diverse, and ready to practice the same good news and grace we proclaim.  Creekwood Christian Church is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

We believe that Jesus is the Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection reveal God's love and grace.

Belief in Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our faith. We honor and celebrate the diversity of faith expressions inspired by the saving power and enduring presence of Christ in our lives. In life, Jesus teaches us how we should live, ushering in the kingdom of God through acts of humility, mercy, and love. In death, Jesus embodies the redemptive power of sacrificial love. In resurrection, Jesus reveals to us that the grace and justice of God will always overpower the sin and judgment of the world.

We believe that the Bible is a sacred, inspired text that everyone can read, understand and interpret.

The Bible illuminates our lives as Christians, offers us insight to the faith of our spiritual ancestors, and implores us to wrestle with questions about our faith. We affirm that the Bible is sacred and inspired scripture that reveals God more fully to us, and we recognize that our relationship with and revelation of God is a deeply personal experience that draws us into community. We believe that each person should be empowered and equipped to read, understand, and interpret the Bible for themselves.

We believe that the Lord's Table is open to all people.

Each week we gather at what we call The Lord's Table to celebrate communion and remember the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion. The invitation to share in this meal—a powerful symbol of the grace that Jesus offers us—is open to all who seek a deeper relationship with God. When we gather at the table to serve, to eat, and to drink with one another, we invite the spirit of God to be at work in our midst.

We believe that Baptism is a powerful symbol of commitment to live as Christ's disciples.

Baptism unites us as the one body of Christ and invites us into partnership and ministry as members of the universal church. When a person feels ready to make a confession of faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to live their life as a servant of God, they are baptized into a life of new discipleship. We practice baptism by immersion for new members who have never been baptized. As a congregation, we honor all forms of baptism and receive members who have already been baptized.

We believe that all God's people are called to serve.

All of God's people are partners in the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ. We are called to serve God and God's people in a variety of ways. Both ordained clergy and lay people are encouraged, equipped, and empowered as leaders and participants in worship, mission, and community life. We believe that God provides spiritual gifts to all and does not restrict any office or role in the life of the church by gender, sexuality, race, economic status, or age.

We believe that God desires unity among all people.

All Christians are called to be one in Christ and seek opportunities for common witness and service. We partner with all expressions of faith to join in God’s redemptive work in the world. As disciples, we seek to be a movement for wholeness, justice, and reconciliation in the world.

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