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Thinking about attending Creekwood for the first time?

Come as you are to experience God’s love and grace through uplifting worship and authentic community. There are no dress codes or unspoken expectations. You can encounter God and faith at your own pace alongside others who are also figuring out their unique life’s calling as disciples of Christ.

When We Meet

Sunday Morning

Worship @ 10:00am
Coffee Fellowship @ 11:00am

What To Expect

We begin our Wake Up and Worship song set at 9:45am to welcome everyone into the sanctuary. You can grab a cup of coffee, find a seat, and meet a couple folks.

Our worship service is usually about 75 minutes.

We mix traditional and modern elements of worship to create an environment that feels uplifting and accessible for all of God's people.

Whether accompanied by guitar or piano, we sing contemporary songs and hymns that reveal eternal truths.

Every sermon thoughtfully engages scripture and culture to offer relevant, dynamic, and honest preaching.

We celebrate communion each week, remembering the promise of God’s grace that we find in breaking bread together and sharing the cup. With each element of our worship, we seek to build a stronger connection between God and our beloved community.

Everyone is invited to participate completely in worship and community life at Creekwood. And when we say everyone—we mean it. We celebrate diversity, value different theological perspectives, affirm and embrace LGBTQ+ members, and strive to embody God’s kingdom.

How To Contact Us

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