Our Team
Photo of Herbert L.
Herbert L. Lynskey

Title: Transitional Senior Minister

Email: hlynskey@creekwood.org
Phone: 972-539-2660

While the seeds of his passion and compassion for ministry were sown by his family, Herb first found meaningful relationship in the camaraderie, laughter, and friendship on his home church’s softball team. Watching his father and his... Read More...


Photo of Whitney
Whitney Waller-Cole

Title: Minister of Faith Development and Missions

Email: wwallercole@creekwood.org

Since college, when Whitney began seriously discerning a call to ministry, she has known that faith formation, community engagement, and social change would have to be at the heart of her ministry. God called Whitney to serve, teach, and minister... Read More...


Photo of Gabriel
Gabriel Edwards

Title: Director of Music Ministries and Assistant to Youth

Email: gedwards@creekwood.org

Gabe is the Director of Music Ministries.  He oversees everything music related at Creekwood: directing the choir, co-leading the praise team, leading the youth praise team, and helping plan worship services.  Gabe joined the Creekwood... Read More...


Photo of Becky
Becky Ricci

Title: Director of Communications and Membership Support

Email: bricci@creekwood.org

Becky is the Director of Communications and Membership Support. She designs graphics, manages Creekwood's social media, participates in worship, leads the Discover Creekwood class on the second Sunday of every month, makes sure that everyone knows... Read More...


Photo of Tim
Tim Hamlett

Title: Accountant

Email: steward@creekwood.org

Tim is the Accountant for Creekwood. His duties involve keeping the books and records of the Church, and he shares in the administration duties of the office.

Tim is a retired CPA, a long-time Creekwood member, a legacy Disciple, and... Read More...