Mission Trip Registration and Covenant Form
Mission Trip Registration and Covenant
Youth who plan to attend mission trip are asked to fill this form out, along with their parents. Thank you for carefully and thoughtfully completing this form!
Youth Name*
Youth Age*
Which Mission Trip will you be attending?*

What are you most excited about regarding mission trip?*
Is there anything you're concerned or nervous about regarding mission trip?*
We go on mission trip as a group of people who care about one another and have invested time in developing relationships with one another. Will you do your best to attend church and youth group activities to strengthen relationships with other youth and adult volunteers?*

Mission Trip requires a commitment from us to fundraise throughout the year. Will you promise to help with at least two of our group fundraisers?*

Families are expected to make a deposit for mission trip. This deposit helps cover the cost of our trip and guarantee full commitment to the trip. Do you promise to pay a mission trip deposit.*

While on Mission Trip, I covenant to be a loving and uplifting presence. I will be supportive and respectful of everyone I encounter while on the trip. Write your name to signify your signature.*
While on mission trip, I will not bring, purchase, or use any items that are considered inappropriate or illegal. I understand that this list includes (and is not necessarily limited to) the following items: tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, other recreational drugs, firearms, weapons, explosives, or anything else that can be used to harm myself or others. Write your name to signify your signature.*
I understand that any failure to fully live into this covenant that I make may result in me being sent home early, at my parents' expense. Write your name to signify your signature.*