At Creekwood Christian Church we are building a culture of giving. We aspire to practice extravagant generosity that puts the needs of others ahead of our own.

Jesus calls us to live a life of generous discipleship. As his followers, Jesus desires for us to follow his example of giving freely our time, energy, and resources. 

Our collective generosity unleashes the powerful, redemptive force of God in the world. Living a generous life of discipleship begins by making giving a priority. In order to help prioritize giving, we offer the option to automate tithes and offerings.

General Ministry Giving

The General Ministry Fund of Creekwood supports the daily ministries of loving God and neighbor. We are committed to sharing 10% of all we receive in outreach giving to our community partners. 

Capital Giving

The Building Fund at Creekwood supports the stewardship of our facilities for mission and ministry. We are committed to offering an accessible, inviting, and safe space for community partners to meet the needs of our neighbors, locally and globally. We are committed to becoming debt free and leveraging even more resources for mission and ministry.

Planned Giving

Creekwood Christian Church has established an Endowment Fund as a way for people to express their love and support for the vision and mission of the church. The foundation we build for the future will ensure the ongoing witness and mission of Jesus Christ for generations to come. Dividends yielded by gifts to the Endowment Fund support those exploring ministry as a life vocation, scholarships for ministerial students seeking a theological education, funding for ground breaking, new ministries, and nurturing new church starts.

View PDF Brochure to learn more about Creekwood’s Endowment Fund