We want adults to find time to relax, reflect, and recharge through small group fellowship and studies that add spiritual value to their lives and don't feel like another obligatory commitment on their calendars.  Finding time to deepen faith and friendships can be difficult, but we believe that a little time spent in community, focusing on our relationship with God renews and energizes us.  At Creekwood, we help find time for you to strengthen your faith in God and relationships with all God’s people and world.  In order to accommodate busy schedules, different interests, and diverse life experiences, we offer a variety of small group opportunities on a weekly and monthly basis for both younger and older adults to get together.

Adult Faith Development

Sunday Cycle 2 begins October 29!
Classes meet from 10:10-10:55am, in between worship services.
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We create to emulate.
We create to resuscitate.
We create because we bleed.
We create to heal.
We create to both die and rebirth.
We create because we cannot help it!

Humans happen to be so creative that we manage to create in as many ways as there are of us! Use this time to consider all the ways your creativity is a pathway to your growth and healing and movement towards oneness with God.

 This class will include discussion, video and will require no preparation to benefit from each session.




Built around Jesus’ five teachings on money, these films help participants discuss how money and faith relate to one another. Based on Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove's book, God's Economy, this course consider the ways that we allow the Gospel to impact and inform our financial health and vice versa.

 This class requires no outside reading or preparation. In class material will consist of video clips, biblical stories, and group discussion.


Today, some people think of the church as a powerless institution made of ancient traditions and stuffy buildings. They're wrong! The church is the new community of God's people. It's filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. And it has as much to say to the world today as it did two thousand years ago. In Acts, you will discover that God wants to do a fresh work among his people by the power of the Holy Spirit. You will find the pathway to authentic community. You will learn how to grow as a worshiper. And you will deepen your passion to invite others into the fellowship of Christ-followers we call the church. Sound exciting? Let's rediscover church together!

This class requires no preparation, but some outside reading may be suggested or encouraged. In class material will consist of a short lecture, biblical reading, and groups discussion.


Some synonyms for "doubt" include: apprehension, confusion, disbelief, lack of confidence, misgiving, mistrust, quandary, skepticism, suspicion, uncertainty, and reluctance. Do you recognize any of these in your life right now? If you do, you are in the right place as you begin this video series. This is a study for people who believe that mystery is one of the most central ingredients of faith. This is a study for people who respect that our questions don't lead us down a slippery slope where we lose our faith completely but rather to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God that is built not on certainty and blind obedience but on honesty, vulnerability, and trust. 

This class requires no outside reading or preparation. In class material will consist of biblical readings, relevant short films, and group discussion.

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Looking for something a little different?




The Journey Sunday School Class has met together for over 20 years. The legacy continues today as the class welcomes all who are searching for an in-depth Bible study. Randy Smithson leads studies that provide a primary resource for learning about God and developing a strong relationship with the living Christ through scripture. Their study schedule complements the Sunday Cycle by dividing studies into six-week segments and occurs at the same time as classes in the Sunday Cycle. Beginning September 10, the Journey Legacy Bible Study will begin studying the book of Ephesians.