6th-8th Grades (Chi Rho) and 9th-12th Grades (CYF)

Youth are incredible, God-created beings that should be valued, loved, and empowered by the church.  We are committed to creating spaces for youth to be in community with one another— discovering their greater passion for God, as well as encountering God’s people and world.  We seek to empower youth to live faithfully and love boldly, following Christ’s example. 

Our youth program takes shape across a wide variety of ministry activities and opportunities: fellowship outings, practical and faithful Bible study, camping ministries, mission and service learning trips, and communal worship experiences.  The variety and vibrancy of our ministry reflects the many ways people connect with God and one another.

Join us for: 

Faith Development from 10:10-10:50AM, where we study the Bible, eat donuts, drink coffee, and think some big thoughts.

Youth Meet-Ups on Sundays from 4:00-5:30PM where we connect with one another and experience the world and God by laughing, talking, and living authentically.

Wednesday Worship beginning in the fall from 6:00-7:30PM (Second Wednesday of the month) where we build relationships over a meal, take a break from the daily grind, and lead worship for our community.

Summer Camp, Mission Trips, and other seasonal events where we spend more time together, working and worshiping as God’s people.  Click here for summer camp and mission trip forms.

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