Vision & Values

Vision is where we are going.
Mission is what we are doing.
Values are how we get where we are going and do what we do. 

Our vision is to transform lives and impact our global community by helping people to:

  • Discover their unique passion in life and faith

  • Develop their spiritual gifts and strengths

  • Deploy their passion and strength in mission and ministry in the world 

Our mission is to Grow Disciples of Christ Who Love God and Neighbor:

Loving God:

  • With all our heart through thankful worship

  • With all our soul through caring community

  • With all our mind through intentional bible study

  • With all our strength through faithful stewardship

Loving our neighbors:

  • Through humble and compassionate service

  • and connecting them with the love of God

Our core values are grounded in sharing God’s GRACE as a community rooted in:

  • Giving - generously giving of our time, talent and resources to share to share God’s grace {Matthew 13:44-46}

  • Relating - humbly relating in love, life, and experience to know God’s grace
    {Luke 14:7-24}

  • Accepting - unconditionally accepting others as Christ accepts us to be God’s grace {Matthew 20:1-16}

  • Caring - compassionately caring for the real hurts and hopes of others to offer God’s grace {Matthew 25:1-13}

  • Empowering - enthusiastically empowering all people to join Christ’s mission to spread God’s grace {Luke 13:20-21}